Canada Visa Applicants April21 updates

Immigration Advisory Services- As an Immigration law firm we believe in keeping our clients updated on the prevailing Immigration laws, types of visa applications as well as the service information of the Visa Application Centres (VAC’s).

We understand there are hundreds of applicants waiting from past year to just get the one-time visa stamp on their passport from the Canadian Visa authority!!

With effect from 6th April,2021, In addition to categories of student, family class priority-spouses, partners and children, Economic PR, workers and returning students and Workers, Canada Visa applicants who have submitted their Visa application under “PR Category- Parents and Grandparents’, can enrol for biometrics at Canada Visa Application Centres in India.

A prior appointment is mandatory to visit the Visa Application Centre to enrol biometrics.

Appointments to be booked online by filling in the webform available online on this link-