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Canadian PR – Never a wrong time to start

“Canadian PR – Never a wrong time to start”

Impact of COVID-19 on Canadian PR
Citizens of the following countries gained PR in the first four months of 2020:
1. India
2. China
3. Philippines
4. USA
5. Nigeria
6. Pakistan
7. Syria
8. France
9. Iran
10. Brazil

What impacts will COVID-19 have?
What started off as a bit of a panic situation in March, has progressed smoothly until the time of writing this article. A lot of applicants were worried about the effects that the corona virus would have on applications already in the system, with more worries in the minds of those who were hoping to apply.

The virus initially disrupted the ability of new permanent residents to come to Canada from abroad. This gradually changed and now new permanent residents are being permitted to travel to their new Canadian home, with a promise to be in self-quarantine for the first 14 days of their arrival.

With travel restrictions gradually being lifted and with the recent announcement of a new draw, inviting foreign nationals to apply for Permanent residence, it is still in the interests of candidates to go ahead and submit their Express Entry profiles. Submitting a profile now, gives you a chance to receive an invitation to apply, thus opening your doors to a bright future in The True North!

It is worthwhile noting that IRCC is being more lenient during this time to help people achieve their Canadian immigration goals.

If you are outside of Canada, you can obtain a provincial nomination which will then guarantee receipt of an invitation.
We have been working round the clock to adjust to all the policy and programming changes impacting every application. Call us NOW to assess your eligibility!