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Post-Brexit Immigration Plans

Good News for International Students in the UK.

An international student can now breathe a sigh of relief as the UK policy proposes changes allowing students to stay for a tenure of two years post-graduation.

The new proposed changes will come into play by the Home office reversing the decision taken back in 2012, by giving International students a breathing space of two years to find a job rather than the previous term which was of four months. The move was advised by the newly elected Prime Minister Boris Johnson, as a means to unlock the potential of many students actively seeking jobs in the UK which may in turn help in contributing in the development of the economy.


As per statistics, an estimated 450,000 foreign students study in the UK, so there will be no cap on the number of students and neither will there be any restriction on the type of jobs they may seek. Students would have to maintain a good track record when it comes to the immigration check.

Lack of providing opportunities to an international student earlier had put the UK at a disadvantage but this new action will have a positive social outcome, vital for the growth of the country.