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As India Immigration Consultants specialists, Immigration Advisory Services provides Indian work permit solutions for corporate and individual clients who wish to source skills and experience from overseas. We also provide long term Indian visa services for permanent immigration to India such as the Persons of Indian  origin (PIO Card) and the Overseas Citizenship of India Scheme (OCI)

Times have changed since the early ’80s when there was a boom of skilled, trained and educated workers from India to the United States and several other developed countries. Today people from all over the world want to work-in India due to the economic growth in India. A lot of Multinational companies are being set up in India. According to some estimates there are about 30,000 foreign nationals currently working in India and the number is increasing. This trend seems likely to countinue for the next few years.

Living and Working in India – Applying for an Indian Work Permit.

Immigration Advisory Services recognizes the increasing importance of sourcing skilled migrants from overseas and we provide corporate visa services to help your business hire the skills and experience it requires. In India, applying for a work permit is an employer led process and all non-Indian nationals will require a work permit in order to begin living and working in India. Our specialist Indian immigration consultants provide reliable up to date advice and your work permit applications can be monitored throughout the process.

Categories of Immigration:
1) Business Visa
2) Employment Visa
3) Tourist Visa
4) Students Visa
5) Indian PIO/OCI
6) Indian Citizenship

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