India tops citizenship rate in Australia

With migration rates increasing all around the world, India has topped twice in the past two consecutive years as the country with the largest number of applicants to obtain citizenship in Australia.

As per the Australian Department of Home Affairs, it’s been stated that 22.3% of citizenship is of an Indian origin.

Over the years Australia has seen a great spike when it comes to providing citizenship across the country, there has been an increase of 58% when it comes to residency. Residency is provided through either citizenship by conferral (or naturalization) or descent. Citizenship by conferral happens when an individual is granted Australian citizenship upon meeting specified eligibility requirements and passing a citizenship test.

India has emerged as one of the top countries beating the UK as one of the largest groups to obtain Australian citizenship. During this time period,

Indians have obtained about 17,756 out of an aggregate of 80,649.


Medicare will now be made available for the new Australian provisional skilled work visas.

Good news for skilled workers holding visas under subclass 491 & 494.

As per the Australian regulation under the Health Insurance Act 1973, to be in effect from 16th November 2019