Migration Eligibility Assessment

For each of the visas (if more than one), we examine in detail the legislation and regulations to identify the criteria you will have to meet. This examination will then highlight the gaps in our knowledge of your personal circumstances, which in turn governs the list of questions and request for additional information we have for you.

Upon receipt of the answers to our questions and additional information we will be able to identify if one or more visa types remain viable, also, sometimes the answers will generate more questions. Having confirmed the viable visa option/s we will then be in the position to generate a report for you, which will describe for each visa, if more than one:

– The nature of the visa

– The visa requirements

– The process involved in obtaining the visa

– Our findings

– Costs and when each element would become due

– Timescales

– The service we provide

– Any other issues

– Potential weaknesses in your case and if possible ways of strengthening the application

– Finally, conclusion including the benefits and disadvantages if more than one visa is viable

As you can see the above is a very thorough process and explains why we have been able to achieve a high success rate, excluding factors beyond our control such as health, character issues and changes to legislation by the country government.

If you want to get your self check eligible for migration assessment do fill up our Migration Assessment form

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