New Changes to the Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System effective from 6th June, 2017

Canada-CSRCandidates in the Express Entry pool who have a sibling in Canada or a proven French ability may obtain additional points under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). In addition to the changes to the CRS points, registration in the Canada Job Bank is no longer mandatory, though candidates may still choose to register for Job Bank and pursue employment opportunities via this free service.

Candidates / candidates spouse or common-law partner with sibling in Canada may obtain 15 additional points. This relationship can be through blood, adoption, marriage or common-law partnership. Candidates with French ability may obtain 15 to 30 points.

Below is the snapshot of changes implemented as of Nov, 2016:
Job offer within NOC major group 00                                  200 CRS points
Any other skilled job offer                                                       50 CRS points
Job offer duration requirement                                              At least 1 year

1 /2 year post-secondary education in Canada                    15 CRS points

3 year credential/Master’s/Entry to practice                       30 CRS points
professional degree/PhD in Canada

Validity period of Invitation to apply                                           90 days

Changes implemented as of June 6, 2017:

Principal applicant or spouse/common-law                          15 CRS points
partner having a sibling in Canada

French CLB7 or better+ English CLB 4 or below                    15 CRS points

French CLB7 or better+ English CLB 5 or better                   30 CRS points

Job Bank registration                                                                      Voluntary