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Post-Brexit Immigration Plans

With the exit of Great Britain from the European Union, The United Kingdom has faced a huge setback globally one of which has been the immigration system. Immigration has played a vital role in the Brexit movement, the heavy rise in immigration the united globalists opted to vote the UK out from the EU.

In order to curb the tension and confusion amongst people with regards to immigration, the government has promised a skilled-based system adoption from the Australian point-based system wherein the lowest skilled workers will be obliged with a minimum salary of £30,000.

Here are some factors to consider Post-Brexit:

1) End of Freedom Movement – The Freedom movement will be abolished thereby making it necessary for everyone to request for permission if they want to come to the UK to work or study

2) Target for immigration – No cap will be opposed on skill workers, however certain people will be targeted based on the point system

3) No Access to welfare – New immigrants will have no access to the British welfare system

4)  Skilled & Low Skilled: Skilled workers will be favoured based on the point system however the low skilled workers would not be applicable to access the public funds or opt for switching to another visa

The goal of the UK government now is to focus on making these changes liable by January 2021, the salaries of the workers may also be subjected to change due to the pressure of the businesses on the Government

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