‘Global Talent Visa’ Program for the UK

Boris Johnson’s government has introduced its plan to forego the ‘exceptional talent’ visa scheme introducing the new ‘Global Talent Visa’ program.

The initial ‘exceptional talent’ visa scheme held a cap of 2,000 applicants. However, the requirement was never accomplished. The new ‘Global Talent Visa’ program eliminates the cap on foreign nationals and double funding for new PhD’s. Initially, applicants would also require to provide a record of international achievements, or someone with ‘exceptional potential’, i.e. they were on the pathway to becoming an exceptional talent. Applicants under old ‘exceptional talent’ visa scheme would further need to gain the endorsement of either the Royal Society, Royal Academy of Engineering, the British Academy, Tech Nation or Arts Council England. Whereas under the new ‘Global Talent Visa’ program, the UK Research and Innovation funding agency will grant funding to applicants as opposed to the Home Office.

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