Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) FAQ

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)  Frequently Ask Questions :

1. What is the Provincial Nominee Program?

The Provincial Nominee Program was established by Citizenship and Immigration Canada to allow individual provinces to select individuals who indicate an interest in settling in a particular province and who will be able to contribute to that province’s economic development.

Most, but not all, provinces of Canada participate in the Provincial Nomination Program.

2. Which Provinces participate in the Provincial Nominee Program?

The following provinces participate in the Provincial Nominee Program:

* Alberta
* British Columbia
* Manitoba
* New Brunswick
* Newfoundland and Labrador
* Nova Scotia
* Prince Edward Island
* Saskatchewan

3. Is the Province of Quebec part of the Provincial Nominee Program?

No. Quebec has a separate agreement with the Government of Canada, which allows the province to select individuals who indicate a desire to reside in that province. The Quebec government is the only provincial government with the authority to determine the selection of individuals outside of the Provincial Nominee Program. Quebec has its own Immigration Selection Criteria.

4. Is Provincial Nominee a requirement for Canada immigration?

No. You can obtain a Canada Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa without Provincial Nomination by applying for immigration under any of the Federal categories.

5. What is the advantage of obtaining Provincial Nominee?

A Provincial Nominee means that your application for a Canada Immigration Visa will be processed faster and that you will arrive in Canada sooner. Under Express Entry, an applicant will score 600 extra points over and above his normal score, thus enabling him to receive an invitation.

6. Where and when does an application under the Provincial Nominee Program get submitted?

An application under the Provincial Nominee Program is submitted to the appropriate provincial government office, before submitting an application for a Federal Canada Immigration Visa.

7. Does receiving a Provincial Nominee guarantee a Canada Immigration Visa?

No. Citizenship and Immigration Canada must be satisfied that a Provincial Nominee meets statutory requirements – health, security and authenticity of documents – before issuing a Canada Immigration Visa.

8. What criteria do most provinces look for in their Nominees?

Most provinces are looking for individuals who will contribute to the province’s economic growth, and are willing to settle in that province. Criteria that provinces take into consideration may include the following:

* Job offer in the province
* Education
* Work experience in critical industries
* English and/or French Language skills
* Close relations in that province
* Ability to adapt to life in that province