Working Holiday Visa to the UK

If you are between 17-30 and would like to go to the UK on a working holiday, this could be the perfect visa for you. With a working holidaymakers visa, you can stay in the UK for 2 years and spend 1 year working and the other year holidaying. You can do any type of work. This visa is especially popular with young people who want to travel and work at the same time.

Working Holiday Maker Requirement:

1. Are you aged between 17-30?
2. Would you like to go to the UK for 2 years to work and holiday?
3. If you are married, would your husband/wife also like to join you in the UK?
4. Can you pay for your expenses for the first 2 months once in the UK?

General FAQ’S:

What is the working holiday scheme?
Recently updated [Summer 2003] the working holidaymaker scheme is an arrangement where a person aged between 17 and 30 can come to the United Kingdom (UK) for an extended holiday for up to two years and may do any type of work full time or part time during his/her stay. Work must not be the main reason for your visit.

How do I qualify as a working holidaymaker?
You qualify as a working holidaymaker if:

  • you are a commonwealth citizen, British Dependent Territories citizen or British Overseas citizen
  • you want to come to the UK for an extended holiday and intend to take some incidental employment
  • you are single or are married to a person who also qualifies as a working holidaymaker and you plan to take the working holiday together
  • you do not have any dependent children who are aged five years or over, or who will be five before you complete your holiday
  • your holiday ,and not work, is the main reason for your visit
  • you can support and accommodate yourself without help from public funds
  • you do not have any commitments which require a regular salary
  • you can pay for your onward journey
  • you plan to leave the UK at the end of your holiday

How long can I stay?
You can only stay in the UK for two years as a working holidaymaker; from the date you first enter the UK in this category. Any time spent outside the UK during that period is counted as part of the two years.

What type of work can I do?
There are now no restrictions on the type of work you can do.

Do I need a visa as a working holidaymaker?
You must get a visa as a working holidaymaker before you travel to the UK.

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