Canada Visa Applicants April21 updates

Immigration Advisory Services- As an Immigration law firm we believe in keeping our clients updated on the prevailing Immigration laws, types of visa applications as well as the service information of the Visa Application Centres (VAC’s). We understand there are hundreds of applicants waiting from past year to just get the one-time visa stamp on their passport […]

Ontario PNP Invites 668 Immigration Candidates

In the latest tech draw conducted by OINP (Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program) on December 15, 668 Express Entry candidates were invited to apply for a provincial nomination. OINP issued Notifications of Interest (NOIs) to qualified candidates, Which include the following: Their profiles should be registered in the federal Express Entry system. CRS score between 460 and 468[…..]

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) allows provinces to nominate individuals who wish to immigrate to Canada and who are interested in settling in a particular province. Provincial nominees are selected based on their ability to contribute to the province’s economic development. Usually, but not always, a genuine Canadian job offer from an employer within the province is[…..]

Non Immigration Visa

According to Canada’s Immigration Law, “visitor” is “a person who is lawfully in Canada, or seeks to come to Canada, for a temporary purpose…”. There are three groups of visitors to Canada: Tourist International Students Temporary Workers It is the responsibility of potential visitors to check with the Canadian immigration office abroad to find out how they[…..]


“Tourists” are individuals who intend on coming to Canada temporarily in order to visit relatives, friends or Canadian sights. According to Canadian Immigration Law, all visitors to Canada (with exception for persons from a “visa exempt” countries) must obtain a “visitor visa” prior to entering Canada. The immigration laws and practice operate on the assumption that it[…..]

Student Migrants

Canada offer tremendous opportunities in the field of higher education. The universities and colleges in these countries offer world class education. Students seeking admission will have to satisfy different criteria laid by the different immigration authorities apart from getting the clearance from the university or college they are seeking admission in. In the coming decade there would[…..]

Temporary Workers

Canada’s policy on foreign workers permits employers to recruit foreigners needed for the Canadian labour market. At the same time, it ensures that employers have considered Canadian citizens and permanent residents and that the entry of foreign workers will not adversely affect employment or career opportunities for Canadian citizens and permanent residents. Employment Authorization Every person, other[…..]