Developed countries and their immigration policies through the pandemic

Immigration Advisory Services is a specialist immigration firm that provides professional services for various Visa categories under one roof – Investment, Entrepreneur, Student, Permanent Residence etc. for countries such as the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Portugal, Italy, France, Germany, and many more. Here is a glance at a few developed countries and their immigration […]

Post-Brexit Immigration Plans

Good News for International Students in the UK. An international student can now breathe a sigh of relief as the UK policy proposes changes allowing students to stay for a tenure of two years post-graduation. The new proposed changes will come into play by the Home office reversing the decision taken back in 2012, by giving International[…..]

Post-Brexit Immigration Plans

With the exit of Great Britain from the European Union, The United Kingdom has faced a huge setback globally one of which has been the immigration system. Immigration has played a vital role in the Brexit movement, the heavy rise in immigration the united globalists opted to vote the UK out from the EU. In order to[…..]

Family Migrants

Family visas to the UK are aimed at those who have a genuine family relationship with a UK citizen. Children can usually be included as dependents of applicants on these and other types of visas, however, partners of UK citizens may have to fill out separate application procedures based upon their relationship with that person: Marriage, Fiancé(e),[…..]

Business Visas and immigration to the UK

Business visas are designed to cover a wide range of circumstances for business people. This may include successful business owners and investors who are committed to owning and managing a business in the United Kingdom. Business visas also include visas that are for a limited time and allow business people; individuals or employee’s to conduct business or[…..]

Student Visa

The United Kingdom remains one of the best places in the world to study. With excellent educational facilities and hugely diverse and rich culture, it appeals to those who want to experience studying in a foreign country. This can open the floodgates of opportunity. Immigration Advisory Services can assist you in obtaining a student visa to study[…..]

Visitor Visa to the UK

Visitor Visa to the UK See the wonderful sights of London and what the United Kingdom has to offer. With a visitor visa, you and your family can holiday in the UK for up to 6 months and travel throughout the country without restrictions. This visa is for an individual wishing to travel for a period of[…..]